WATTYL 2K Colourthane H O White 1L

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an ultra-premium, two part recoatable isocyanate cured acrylic polyurethane finish


 excellent colour and gloss retention

 excellent resistance to exterior exposure

 superior colour reproducibility through intermix tinting system

 tough, flexible and abrasion resistant

 unlimited recoatability with suitable preparation

 high opacity white available for improved coverage

 range of hardeners and thinners available to provide flexibility in application

 resistant to splash of mineral and vegetable oils, white spirit, paraffins and aliphatic petroleum products

 resistant to splash of mild chemicals

 can be air dried or force dried up to 60°C on metal to improve throughput Note: we advise that you test this product to determine if it is suitable for your particular use.

This Product is Mixed at a 2:1 ratio with hardener 

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