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DISSOL is a concentrated all purpose cleaner. It was introduced to the motor vehicle industry 50 years ago to clean the vinyl seats in Holdens and Fords.

 It has had minor formulation changes over time  due to changes in raw materials and environmental considerations but is still  a high strength

 formulation with its major feature being able to clean vinyl without fading or drying out the vinyl surface. Over time it has found many more

 applications and is now a proven all purpose cleaner for car and house. It als acts as a deodoriser and has a distinctive pine oil smell. 


Dissol can be used to clean all washable surfaces for the car, boat and household.

CAR   Cleans dashboards, consoles, vinyl seats and roofs, door panels, windscreens, tyres, bumpers, chrome and paintwork. Use as an

engine dgreaser and a spot remover on fabric seats and carpets. Cleans grimy hands.

HOUSEHOLD  Cleans floors, tiles, porcelain, stainless steel, enameled surfaces, refrigerators, laminates, bench tops, venetians, vinyl funiture,

windows, mirrors, toys, luggage, handbags, tools, sporting gear, paint brushes, barbeques, shoes and mucch more. Use as aspot remover on carpets.

Only use a very diluted solution (5%) on leather products.

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