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Toluene (100% Aromatic Hydrocarbon Solvent) is a flammable hydrocarbon solvent.
It performs well in situations requiring a high level of solvency It is common to many coatings formulations.

  • Toluene is a quickly evaporating solvent.
  • It is often applied in specialty racing fuels.
  • It is widely alOilable and inexpensive.
  • Versatility - Toluene can be included in any formulation where boosted solvency power is required and will combine well with other organic compounds.
  • Solvency - Toluene has high solvency of greases, oils and general dirt as well as sophisticated polymeric surface coatings and
  • specific use branched chain, high molecular weight organics.

Refills are available for this product when a clean, Rust-Free metal drum is provided.

1L REFILL - $9.95

4L REFILL - $24.95

20L REFILL - $109.95

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