SIKA Sikaflex 260 High Strength Adhesive - Black (300ml)

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Sikaflex®-260 N is a 1-component multipurpose adhesive for assembly of glass and windshield as well as large components in vehicle manufacturing. It is suitable for bonding coated metal, GRP, ceramic materials and plastics. Sikaflex®-260 N provides a long open time and ensures safe application even in warm conditions.


▪ Wide adhesion range

▪ Good application behavior and workability

▪ Short cut-off string

▪ Good bead stability and non-sag property


Sikaflex®-260 N is suitable for various applications such as bonding panels, glass or windscreens within the vehicle-manufacturing business. Suitable substrate materials are timber; metals, particularly aluminum (including anodized components); sheet steel (including phosphated, chromated and galvanized components); metal primers and paint coatings (2-component systems); ceramic materials and plastics

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