PROTEC Paraglaze Basecoat B462 Jet Black 4L

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Paraglaze Basecoat is a premium quality basecoat developed specifically to give solid, metallic and pearl colours the durability to withstand the harsh Australian conditions. The world-class technology offers easy and flexible application that delivers excellent metallic control and coverage and produces a quick drying, hard film that allows for easy rectification.

Paraglaze Basecoat can be applied over:

• Sound OEM finishes that have been degreased and sanded

• Sound, fully cured 2 pack refinish finishes that have been degreased and sanded

• Paraglaze 2 pack primers that have been degreased and sanded

• Plastics that have been prepared and coated with a Protec plastics primer

Paraglaze Basecoat can NOT be applied:

• Directly over acid etch primers

Substrates other than those stated above should be tested before use, to ensure that the performance of this product is suitable for it's intended use.

The use of a clean tack rag is recommended to remove dust from the surface before topcoating.

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