Industrial Methylated Spirits 100% (IMS)

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100 IMS is a non-potable ethanol, suitable for industrial cleansing where a waterless environment is desired. DAA Industrial does not require an Australian Customs license to transact.

Uses: Solvent in Foundries, Printing and Painting Industries, and in cleaning and sanitising formulations.

  • A clear, colourless liquid miscible in water and hydrocarbon solvents.
  • A product for use in industrial cleaning formulations, coatings reducer formulations and laboratory reagents.
  • Versatility - 100 IMS Industrial is readily available and inexpensive. It is often a suitable alternative to isopropanol where solubility is not critical or can be assisted by other formula components.
  • As 100 IMS Industrial is derived from fermentation ethanol, the risks associated with human contact are minimised.

Refills are available for this product when a clean, Rust-Free metal drum is provided.

1L REFILL - $9.95

4L REFILL - $32.95

20L REFILL - $99.95

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