Car-Rep Dark Grey Primer Filler 500ml

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Car-Rep® professional filler spray is a high build primer filler, acrylic binder and additives. Fills scratches and surface imperfections quickly leaving a smooth surface. High spray rate, fast leveling and drying compound. Due to the acrylic base compatible with most top coats, also compatible with synthetic or nitro based primers.

It is also a 2k compatible primer.

New layer can be applied wet-on-wet or wet-on dry. Due to it’s very high filling power it is recommended to apply several thin coats. Applying thick coats might impact the drying process underneath the surface. Easy sanding. After drying we recommend wet or dry papers, final grit 400-600. Spray and let the filler dry about 15-30 min. Repeat if necessary.


Dry time depends on temperature and film thickness: dust-dry about 15 min, to handle about 30 min. and thoroughly dry after 24 hours. No need for another layer of primer, overcoat can be applied directly on professional filler.

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