CAM Camstrip Paint Stripper

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CAM Strip ideally suited for removing all automotive paint coatings - acrylic, two pack and enamels.

CAM Strip, applied in think coats brushed on in one direction, is self-sealing which prevents evaporation of the active ingredients. This ensures maximum penetration of the coated sureface and gives an overall quicker stripping time. CAM Strip's deep penetration also makes it economical to use as less product is needed to strip a given area.

CAM Strip has a good vertical holdout which makes it ideal for doors and guards. CAM Strip is non-caustic, safe to use, even on aluminium and has an excellent, long term shelf life.

- Self sealing formulation

- Works on all 2 pack, water borne & Acrylic surfaces

- Non-caustic, safe on Aluminium

- Great vertical holdout

 Camstrip is one of the few items we cannot ship due to its corrosive nature. 

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