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A Low Flash Point oxygenated solvent with a Sweet Odour. Is a versatile inexpensive workhorse ketone suitable for acrylic coatings formulations, as a clean-up solvent in fiberglass manufacture and in specialty chemical formulations?
It can be used on its own for glassware and instrument cleaning.


A flammable solvent soluble in water, alcohol and other hydrocarbons.
Widely available with extensive on-hand information.


Acetone is soluble in polar and nonpolar organic materials and this is an ideal component in coatings, thinners and reducer formulations.
Solvent for Polymers, resins and enamel based paints. Fiberglass cleanup.
It's evaporation rate allows a speedy drying time when required but can be tempered in a well-built thinner.


Refills are available for this product when a clean, Rust-Free metal drum is provided.

1L REFILL - $16.95

4L REFILL - $36.95

20L REFILL - $124.95

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