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One Stop Paint Shop

Paintmobile is your one stop paint shop. We specialise in automotive paint supplies, equipment and everything to do with paint.
Paint for Cars, Boats, Aeroplanes, Trucks, Excavators, Forklifts, Metal bridges, Houses, Factory concrete floors, Paving paint and Timber Floors.
We stock a large range of premium leading brands and distributors of PPG, Concept, Wattyl, Rustolium, Metal armour needs no primer, Trade paint, Wagon paints and Parr Paints.

At Paintmobile we offer some of the best prices in Australia, whilst providing further discounts on larger trade orders. We back this all up with exceptional customer service and 2 brilliant store locations. We provide personal drivers who take ownership of all of our deliveries ensuring you receive your orders on time.

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Monthly Specials

Monthly Specials
Paint Mixing Cups
2240lt Box 200$154.95
1300lt Box 200$108.95
650ml Box 200$74.95
400ml Box 200$63.95
Automotive Paint
Color match 250ml
Almost all Colors

Shadow Chrome Black Out
Coating is a 2-can system
$24.95 pick up only


4lt Golden Yellow $59.95 With U.V
4lt Signal Red $59.95 or 5 x4lt $250.00
Industrail Enamel with U.V.Protection
4lt Post Office Red $59.95
Industrial Quick Dry Enamel Spraying only
Gloss Black-Satin Black or Mat Black
1lt $19.95 - 4lt $49.95 + 20lt $210.00
Hammer tone Enamel for Spraying only
Charcoal-Gunmetal Grey-Silver
Royal Blue - Reef Blue
4lt $44.95
2k – 4:1
Jet Black Industrial
Free 1.5nozzle
Suction Gun
5ltr kit $119.95
2k – 4:1 Industrial
Hi – Opacity White
Free 1.5nozzle
Suction Gun
5ltr kit $119.95

2k Universal Reducer
Refill A Screw Lead Drum
20lt $99.00 + 4lt$32.95
2k – 2:1 M . S . CLEAR 6lt Kit
2 Panel Stands for $70.00

Spray Cans 400ml
Paintmobile Etch Primer Wattle Product
Grey or Black $14.95 or Buy Box 12 $119.95

Automotive Acrylic Grey Primer Filler

PPG 4lt for $69.95

3M Automotive Acrylic
Primer Beige Filler Spray Cans 400ml
Buy 3 for $20.00

Prepsol or ( Wax & Grease )
4lt $19.95 or 20lt $89.95 Refill

Multi – Purpose Virgin Thinner
4lt Refill $18.00 or 20lt $79.95

Automotive Acrylic Gloss Clear 1lt $29.95

3M Body Filler 500g
Including Hardener
Buy 12 x 500g for $64.95 each Box

Paintmobile Automotive Products & Services

Automotive Paints, Adhesives, Masking, Polishing, Body Fillers, Abrasives, Free Automotive Paint Color Matching Service, Bring your 4ltr screw top lead can for Enamel Thinner Refills . We stock our own range of Paintmobile products at very competitive prices.

We deliver Australia wide (conditions apply on some products*). Discounts are offered on large trade orders. You can rely on our delivery service and our trustworthy team members.

Opening Hours

Mon 7:30am til 5:30pm
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