SIKA Sikagard Underbody Coating Black 1L (6060)

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Sikagard®-6060 is a durable, thixotropic, bitumen-based protective coating with very good rust-proofing and sound deadening properties. It is suitable for an effective vehicle underbody protection. The product can be sprayed haze free without any cob webbing and does not drip. Sikagard®-6060 shows good adhesion on different paints, metal primers, metals and PVC without the need for pretreatment. A tough coating remains after drying, protecting metal from corrosion.  


  • Outstanding application properties (no running or dripping)
  • Good adhesion performance to a wide variety of substrates
  • Excellent acoustic and sound damping properties
  • Fast drying
  • Road salt resistant
  • High solid content

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